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Great taste is everything – which is why we only sell the finest, freshest ingredients. We believe that food is best when it is local, fresh and seasonal, so we offer local produce where we can, because we think food tastes better when it doesn’t have to travel for miles.

Help support our local producers and eat healthily by ordering from Angmering Village Greens.

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Fruit and Veg Delivery in Sussex

Let us feed your imagination and delight your taste buds with our individually designed boxes tailored to your weekly or monthly requirements.

We sell fresh fruit and veg boxes and deliver for free. We also deliver to hotels, cafes, residential homes, nurseries, children’s nurseries, pubs and restaurants.

For more information or to discuss box options, contact us to see how we can make your box extra special.

"Love Angmering Village Greens! You just can't compare the fruit and veg you get from them to the kind available in the supermarket. It's 5 star and the strawberries are the best I've ever tasted!"

Abigail Lee

Happy Customer

"Really friendly and helpful. Great fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices and all delivered to your door. Nic and Nicola have been an absolute godsend. Thank you to the two of them and their team!"

Dawn Edwards

Happy Customer

"Delicious fruit and veg for a very fair price. Delivered to your door, reliable and very friendly. Happy to support a small local business!"

Tom Bunsell

Happy Customer

"Great selection of fruit and veg. Brilliant prices and always fresh on delivery. Would highly recommend!"

Jasmine Franklin

Happy Customer

"Very fresh fruit and vegetables. My family have been so blessed finding this place and delivery. Thank you so much. We love your fruit and vegetables, they taste lovely and delicious!"

Virginia Batchelor

Happy Customer

"Just had our first box of fruit and veg delivered. Had already tried a mixed bag of fruit and it was delicious. Lasted well too. Minimal packaging, so good for the planet too. Planning to make this a regular thing. Looking forward to tucking in!"

Sam Evans

Happy Customer

"My big box of goodies was delivered this morning after placing my order last night, we've already eaten lots out of it. Super impressed and the kale was the best I've ever had, even the hubby ate it! Will definitely be ordering again!"

Lucie Purdy

Happy Customer

"Really happy with my first box. Being a non-driver and someone that does a big monthly shop, I get a bit lazy with the fresh fruit and veg. The fruit and salad were very good value for money."

Heather Levett

Happy Customer

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Helping Local Farms & Our Community in Angmering Village

There is a growing demand among consumers for more sustainable produce that comes from closer to home.

At Angmering Village Greens, we believe that supporting UK-grown food has both environmental and social benefits.

Some of the reasons sustainable food is a good choice for your health and your environment are:

It’s Fresher: Food grown in the UK doesn’t have to travel as far or as long to reach your doorstep.

It Tastes Better: Seasonal produce always tastes better; strawberries are always better in Summer!

It’s More Nutritious: Essential vitamins can deteriorate the longer produce is kept in storage. The quicker it gets to you, the more nutrients it retains.

It’s Better For The Environment: Everything needs to be transported, but a few hours in a van uses much less petrol than shipping produce across the ocean.

It Supports UK Business: UK farms are in a precarious position. If we want UK farming to continue, we have to support it.

It Supports The Local Economy: Buying more food locally keeps money circulating in the local economy, which in turn, helps others in your area.

Farmer carrying crate of fresh UK grown fruit and veg

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Health and Nutrition



Vitamins A, K & C – One of the most nutrient-dense vegetables you can eat!



A great source of healthier monounsaturated fat!



Only 60 calories per 100g but 20% of your daily Vitamin C!



14% of your daily fibre in a 100g serving!



Make sure you eat the skin, it’s rich in antioxidants!



1 serving has double your daily dose of Vitamin K!



A high nitrate source that can reduce your blood pressure!



Great tasting, versatile, low-calorie and rich in water!

Eating fresh fruit and veg is the easiest and most fun way to get the vitamins and fibre you need to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Eating 5 portions a day reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, helping decrease the risk of disease.

What Are The Benefits of Eating Plants?

• Improved nutrition when compared to processed foods.

• Can aid in weight loss.

• Lower Cholesterol which can improve your heart health.

• Lower risk of developing diabetes.

• Plants contain healthier monounsaturated fats.

• Fresh fruits and veg contain antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer.

Eating a plant-based diet isn’t all about giving up meat.

Instead, it’s thinking more carefully about what you’re eating and trying to approach your diet in a measured and optimal way.

Making sure that you have the right mix of proteins, essential healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and fibre will increase your overall nutrition and give you a great head start on your health.

This includes essential fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and plenty of fibre too.

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