9 Ways A Regular Veg Box Can Improve Your Health, Diet, And Community

Everything box with fresh fruit and vegetables

We all know we should be eating better; we all know we should be eating more fresh fruit and veg, but it’s easier said than done right?

When we get to the shops the hundreds of choices available seems to dissolve into the same two or three ready meals, and that’s if we even make it to the shops and not just to wherever the takeaway menus are kept.

The solution? A regular delivery of great tasting, high quality fruit and vegetable boxes right to your door! But taste isn’t the only thing that’s great about our veg boxes. Here are 7 ways a Fruit and Veg box can improve your diet, your health and your local community

1. Try New Veg & Rediscover Old Favourites

Even if you’re someone who already eats their 5 a day, are you really exploring all the options the world of fruit and veg has to offer. There’s more to fruit than apples and bananas and there’s more to veg than carrot and onions, but when we’re shopping in a hurry or trying to make a decision when we’re hungry it’s easy to stick with what you know.

A fresh fruit and veg box is a great way of introducing new and interesting varieties of produce into your diet. Before long you’ll be exploring the delights of celeriac, beetroot, or purple sprouting broccoli, or remembering treats you used to love like radishes or fresh plums. But for the less adventurous, don’t worry – we’ve lots of fresh potatoes, carrots and onions too!

2. Support Local Business

In a world where the global food supply chain is dominated by larger and larger corporate players it’s important to re-establish the special connection between grower, supplier and customer. Long gone are the days where you could trade milk from one farm for potatoes from another, but that doesn’t mean we have to lose all connection with our food and where it comes from. By supporting Angmering Village Greens you’re helping to support local business and you’re joining a growing movement to reject faceless corporations and engage with local suppliers, local businesses and local people!

3. Resist Temptation

If you really want to get a takeaway pizza, then nothing in the world can stop you. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s much easier to resist the temptation to open up Just Eat or Deliveroo when there’s a box of fresh veg sitting on the kitchen counter.

Having great ingredients is the first step to making great food and once you start making fresh, homemade versions of your favourite treats, it’s hard to go back. Not convinced? Try making a homemade beetroot and feta cheese pizza and see if you still want a Domino’s.

4. Eat With The Seasons

Cucumbers and strawberries for summer, parsnips and beetroots in winter, artichokes and fennel in spring, celery and apples in autumn. Up until about a century ago, our diets were determined exclusively by the seasons. While being able to have anything in the world delivered in 24 hours is convenience no one would be willing to give up, it can quickly lead to us becoming disconnected from the seasonal shifts that would have once regulated our diets.

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables that have been freshly picked is what nearly 2 million years of evolution has conditioned your metabolism to expect.

5. Better Than Supermarket Veg

Most supermarket veg isn’t picked for its taste or its nutrition but for its appearance. When you do some research into the supermarket supply chains, it’s shocking to see, for example, how many “wrong” shaped courgettes are left rotting on the ground in service of delivering the perfectly symmetrical courgette with the exact shade of green that focus groups of potential customers said made them more likely to buy.

At Angmering Village Green our fruit and veg isn’t always symmetrical or evenly coloured but in our eyes it is perfect. We hate food waste and we’d rather eat 100 “wonky” carrots than let a single one rot and we hope you feel the same.

After all, if something’s the same every time you eat it, it might as well be from a factory.

6. Make Veg Fun For The Whole Family

Let’s be honest, if we knew how to make kids eat their greens without complaining, we’d be millionaires by now. We can’t force your children to like vegetables but a veg box is a great way to introduce vegetables in a fun and surprising way.

Have fun unwrapping your veg box each time and try making it a game. Have your kids reach into the box and guess what’s in there just from touch. Or see how many vegetables they remember from the last box. These activities are a great way of making veg into something fun and not something to argue about at every meal.

7. Eat Healthier

We’re leaving this one until last as it’s a no brainer – the more veg you have the more you’ll eat, and the more veg you eat, the better your immune system.


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